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Relaxation & Recreation

Located in the beautiful nature of Upper Bavaria, we also offer you a relaxing recreation program. In our sauna, you can once again calm down and relax. Other facilities include a magnificent steam bath and infrared cabin.

Steam bath

The pleasant effect of the steam bath, was already known in ancient Greece, for steam highly increases the well-being. It is the ideal combination of heat and moisture. The steam bath cleanses, nourishes and relaxes the body.


Saunas promote health and well-being. The interplay of heat and cold, brings the body back on track. The skin is increasingly supplied with blood, nutrients and oxygen can again be well transported.

Red cabin

The positive effect of red light has been known for decades. During a visit to the red cab significant amounts of sweat and toxins are excreted. It nourishes the skin, helps relieve tension and prevents colds.